How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug control London
Bed Bug On Frame

If you have been unfortunate enough to find yourself with bed bugs in your home you more than likely want to know how to get rid of bed bugs. We at EPB Pest Control specialise in fast, safe and affordable bed bug control in London. 

Although I would always advise that you seek the help of a professional London bed bug control company  who can inspect your home, advise you on preparation and treat your home for bedbugs correctly, you may wish to try and control the problem yourself first and that is understandable. 

Firstly, having bed bugs isn't a reflection on personal hygiene or how clean your home is, so drop that thought if you have it. People always tell me they feel dirty or embarrassed but you shouldn't.

Understanding bed bugs is part of the key to successfully eliminating them. If this is
your first visit to our bedbugs blog, I would suggest reading some of the other posts too that give further information on bed bug treatments and so on.

Eggs are a big issue with bed bugs. If eggs are present this often shows long term activity  

However, when dealing with bed bug infestations eggs are one the the key points to consider. Small, 1mm in size, white and sticky, they will often be spread far and wide, therefore increasing the risk of the infestation lasting for long periods unless all of the eggs are found and removed.

Bed Bugs and Eggs

When considering how to get rid of bed bugs, eggs should be searched for in areas such as:

The back of pictures hanging above the bed, behind posters on the walls, mirrors in the vicinity of the bed, top/bunching of curtains that overhang or are close to the bed, bed frame, wooden slats beneath the mattress top of walls/ceiling, under window frame, radiator brackets, rear of bedside furniture and any other furniture close to the bed. 

Also check wardrobes, chest of draws particularly on the bed edges of them, items stored under or in the bed draws are very high risk for bed bug activity too and often found there.

How to get rid of bed bugs 

If you are going to attempt to get rid of bed bugs yourself then you should be aware that by doing so you run the risk of actually spreading the bed bugs and making the bed bug infestation worse. This is very common as they hide inside items which can then be moved to other areas 

This is easily done by moving items infested with bed bugs and bedbug eggs around the house, using the wrong bed bug treatments, such as bed bug smoke bombs or the wrong insecticide sprays. I would never advise using a smoke bombs purchased from the internet, these are ineffective and can actually spread the problem to other areas.

If you are going to do it, you are more likely to be successful by carrying out a few very deep and precise cleans of the rooms and all furniture and items in the room. Checking and cleaning every part of every piece of furniture, cleaning every gap, crack and crevice, checking every area for signs of bed bugs. 

All clothing, bedding, curtains and any washable item washed at 60c. Hoovering floors, in particular along the edges.

Sealing gaps, cracks, crevices in walls and ceilings and skirting boards with sealant or fillers. 

Placing items that you feel you need to keep but cant wash in sealed, vacuum bags, like books or items with sentimental value that you cannot dispose of neither clean. Bed bugs will die from lack of a blood feed, an adult can survive a long period and young will need blood feeds to develop through the stages of growth so will die sooner. 

Bed frames will need to be stripped and every gap, screw hole, join checked and cleaned thoroughly.

I am sure there are plenty of other areas that will need to be checked, cleaned and so on but if you choose this route I think that it could possibly become very stressful very quickly.

D.I.Y or professional Bed Bug treatment?

If I am asked how to get rid of bed bugs, my answer is always the same, seek expert help. I have however met people that have told me they have carried out D.I.Y treatments and been successful. I think a lot of it will come down to the level of bed bug infestation, how much time and effort you are prepared to put into doing it yourself. I have also carried out plenty of bed bug treatments in London for people that have tried, wasted money and failed at doing so and then still had to pay for professional help.

When I carry out bed bug treatments they will consist of two visits which, after this, a property will be bed bug free. Compare that with days of trying to clean every part of your home and remove them yourself and still maybe having them!

If you require further advice, information or would like to know more about how to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug treatments in the UK feel free to contact me!

Darren - 07940 592 497


  1. Bed bugs are the worst! They think they can come up here and mess up my cozy spaces. I'll tell you one thing, that's not going to happen! I need a pest control professional to come check out my seals and cracks around the house. These are some really good ideas.
    Celine |


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