Monday, 18 July 2016

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation 

This information, Bed Bug Treatment Preparation, is to assist in preparing your room for a bed bug treatment.

It is vital that the rooms are prepared to the best of your ability. If there are certain things you cannot do then that is fine but as much as possible that can be done will ensure a successful bed bug treatment for you.

Firstly, hoover all floors in the room around all sides of the beds too. Empty Hoover after.

Bedside units should be emptied, these will need to be treated. Any items inside should be checked.

All bedding removed from the bed and this will either need to go straight into the washing machine on 60c or a bag tied up waiting to be washed. NOTE: Do not carry bedding around the house. Put it in a bag first in case any bed bugs fall from it. 

Empty chest of draws and wardrobes in the infected room. These will be treated too. Clothing to be bagged up. If signs of bed bugs in the furniture then all clothing will need to be washed. 

Secondly, no pets to be in the treated rooms.

Unplug and switch off sockets to things like phone chargers.

No personal items to be left laying about, laptops, games and phones.

Bed bug treatment preparation help

This bed bug treatment preparation is a guide. You have to consider things such as not moving infested items around your property. Not leaving bedding from the bedroom with bed bugs just sitting on the floor as if it has a bed bug on it the whole treatment could be a waste of time. Anything that cannot be washed like clothing can should be placed into an empty bath or in the sun on the lawn and shaken off or wiped down and inspected.

If there is more information you require that is not listed here on the bed bug treatment preparation guide try the Room Preparation post or contact me by phone or email and i will assist further 

Thanks for reading and contact me for more help on bed bug control treatments. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

eradicating bed bugs

Eradicating Bed Bugs

Welcome to the Bed Bugs London blog and eradicating bed bugs is no easy task. Not for professionals and certainly not by d.i.y methods you may try.

A female bed bug can lay upto 300 eggs in the right conditions. 300 eggs. Small, about 1mm in size and white. Now imagine those spread out across a wall or up a curtain or even in cracks and crevices. Bedbugs are survivors. 

To eradicate bed bugs takes knowledge, experience and patience.
Eradicating bed bugs from your home

If you have had bedbugs for a long period of time you are likely to have a bad infestation. This is going to require several visits and a lot of preparation. Like most things in life, you will get what you pay for. Please bare this in mind when booking a treatment. If I had a pound for every treatment I do that I am told they have already paid someone to do it and they still have bedbugs id not be writing this blog but sitting by a pool somewhere. If the price sounds to good to be true, it usually is. 

Eradicating bed bugs is going to require treatment of not only the beds but areas around the beds. Bedbugs will climb curtains, get in personal items under or close to the bed, will get inside furniture, down the side or carpets, the back of picture frames, I could go on. This is why many d.i.y methods fail. Simply putting a bed bug smoke treatment in the middle of the room and walking out is only going to spread the bed bugs away from the room and make the infestation worse.

Another post on the Bed Bugs London blog, Room Preparation will assist you and together with some good advice if the room is prepared in the right way that is a good start. Be under no illusions, the preparation can be tough, especially if you have a family with children and have a families worth of stuff to move and wash. Do it right first time however and only have to do it once.

At EPB Pest Control we carry out several treatments a week and eradicating bed bugs is something we do well. If you would like further information on eradicating bed bugs from us then get in touch.

If you are attempting to do it yourself. Think twice and consider the money you will spend on products only to probably have to employ someone after anyway. Eradicating bed bugs is best left to the professionals. 



Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cost Of Bed Bug Treatments UK

Cost Of Bed Bug Treatments UK

Cost of Bed bug treatments UK

Welcome to the home of Bed Bugs London blog and more information on our bed bug control treatments in London.

The cost of bed bug treatments UK will vary due to number of factors that should be considered.

Here at EPB Control we try to always provide affordable bed bug treatments in London and the home counties and also offer discounts where possible. Having bedbugs is a stressful situation and we do all we can to help.

The level of the bed bug infestation in your home will also dictate things such as the number of visits required, how big the property is, how many rooms and beds there are to treat and how far the bed bugs have spread around the property. If d.i.y bed bug treatments have been attempted this can really spread the bugs far around the home.

Some of the worst cases of bed bugs in London we have seen have been because people have tried d.i.y methods such as bed bug bombs or sprays bought on line which have only agitated the bed bugs and driven them away from the original area of infestation into other parts of the house. These methods just make infestations worse.

Looking for bed bug companies in London you will also find alot of misleading information. Companies claiming only bed bug heat treatments work. Bed bug companies in London saying they do heat and spray when in fact they only steam and spray. You have to do your research.

The cost of a bed bug inspection in London and the home counties is £50. If you then proceed with a bed bug treatment then you only pay for the cost of the bed bug treatment, not the inspection.

Depending on the number of bedrooms to treat and beds and how bad the bed bugs infestation is will impact the cost. Our prices are given honestly, not stated ultra low to attract calls and then disclose lots of hidden extras. The cost of bed bug treatments UK provided by EPB Control will be fixed and most importantly the bed bug treatment will be guaranteed. There will not be extra costs for extra visits if they are needed.

Cost of bed bug treatments UK

Cost Of Bed Bug Treatments UK

Affordable bed bug control London, Essex or Kent will start from £50 for the cost of a bed bug inspection, Treatments will start from £90. Call us for further information on the cost of bed bug treatments UK and for further information on bed bug control London. If you need help or advice on things such as preparing for a bed bug treatment, bed bugs eggs or a whole number of other things you will find all the information you need on this blogs previous posts. 

Contact Darren: 07940592497

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Bed Bugs London

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in your home is just about as stressful as things can get for a person. Lack of sleep, being bitten. Searching for them and not finding the bed bugs can drive you mad. If you have children the stress is likely to be much worse. Worrying about people visiting your home and noticing them or spreading them to friends and family is a big concern for people that have bedbugs in their home. Its a bad time. The only thing you will be focused on is getting rid of the bedbugs and that's where we come in.