Bed Bugs Pictures UK

Bed Bugs Pictures UK

Welcome to my latest Bed Bugs London post, Bed Bugs Pictures UK.

Whatever the reason you are here, be it you are concerned you may have noticed the early signs of a bed bug infestation or you are simply here for some bed bug education, which is great if that is the case by the way, the aim is the same, to provide detailed, informative posts on things that I think you should know regarding bed bugs UK.

In this post, Bed Bugs Pictures UK, I am going to share with you pictures I have taken myself for educational purposes. I am a firm believer that better public education of bed bugs will lead to greater understanding of them and prevention leading to total elimination of bed bugs.

Unfortunately there is plenty of misinformation to be found regarding bed bugs and plenty of bad advice. In the next few future posts I am going to cover this in more detail so be sure to come back and look out for those on Bed Bugs London.

Bed Bugs Pictures UK

Bed Bugs Pictures UK, Live bed bugs
Here you will see a fully fed group of bed bugs. This is divan bed. Where the two parts meet in the middle. The black dots you can see are bed bug excrement.

Bed Bugs Pictures UK Of Adult Bed Bugs
Again in this picture you can clearly see the adult bed bugs around the corner of the mattress and excrement. On a mattress you are likely to find bed bugs around and under the lip of either side, under the buttons on the flat side I have also found them, particularly if no bed sheet is used and also under the handle and label areas on the mattress.
Bed Bugs Behind Wallpaper
Another good picture here on this post, Bed Bugs Pictures UK. Behind loose, torn and degraded wallpaper. I would say that 7 out of every 10 bed bug treatments in London I have done going back to 2006 have had some sort of bed bug activity on wallpaper or behind it. I have seen them at the very top of them wall/ceiling join and behind even the smallest gap in the wallpaper.
Bed Bug On A Bed
Not the greatest of photos but this is included as when carrying out bed bug inspections and separating and standing up beds you will often see bed bugs start to move where you have disturbed them. Remember when inspecting for bed bugs, do not move items around the home, you will just risk infesting other areas.
Bed bugs behind loose wallpaper
As I said above, at the top of the wall behind more wallpaper. Bed bugs will travel a surprising distance between their blood meal, you, and their nesting area.
Bed bugs under sofa
This picture show bed bugs on the underside of a sofa.
Bed Bug Eggs
Here you can see bed bug eggs. These eggs are small, 1 mm in size and can be very difficult to spot to the untrained eye. They can sometimes be laid in clumps or sometimes spread across a vast area and on anything in the bed bugs path, back of pictures, shelving, curtains, walls, anywhere.
Bed Bugs Excrement
Bed bug excrement on the edge of the wooden slats under the mattress. A favourite place of bed bugs to nest.
Bed Bugs Inside A Wardrobe
Inside a wardrobe. This is a common place to find bed bugs if you have returned from holidaying, travelling or perhaps been unfortunate enough to bring in an infested wardrobe into your home. If evidence of bed bugs is found inside areas that house clothing, that clothing will need to be washed. A good bed bug technician will give you detailed advice upon the inspection of your property, such as how to prepare for a bed bug treatment, what not to do and so on.
Bed Bug Walking
Lastly, one of my favourite bed bug pictures I have taken. A solitary bed bug making his last journey. 


I hope you have found these pictures of use or interesting. If you have a bed bug infestation, I imagine you are very anxious and concerned. Firstly, these things are often not as bad as you think they are, I know from my years of experience in eliminating this pest that often when people find they have bed bugs they worry it is a reflection of their home or hygiene, that is not the case at all, just more misinformation and lack of public education. 

Secondly, if you have bed bugs, you are doing something right already by reading up and gaining knowledge of them. To many people do not take the time to understand bed bugs and rush out and buy items that promise to eradicate bed bugs, and all other pests for that matter, such as fogger's and aerosol's which only serve to make the problem worse. Whatever you do, please DO NOT buy items such as that, they simply will not work and will make the bed bug technicians job all that more difficult. 

If you would like further advice, information or help with anything bed bugs or to share your pictures with me of what you think may be signs of bed bugs in your home feel free to email me 

Thank you for reading Bed Bugs Pictures UK, be sure to come back in a few weeks for more information on bed bugs, our bed bug treatments in London and plenty of other useful posts.


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