Room Preparation

Room Preparation

Welcome to the Bed Bugs London blog and some assistance with room preparation before a bed bug treatment is carried out in your home. 

This post will have the information needed to prepare your bedroom for a bed bug treatment. Simply do as much as you can and leave the rest to me. Do not stress, I can work around most things and have done hundreds and hundreds of bed bug treatments over the last 23 years.

If you are about to have a bed bug treatment carried out, then this post, Room Preparation is a guidance for you but if you feel it does not all apply to you then do what you feel is right for your property. We can work around most things like I say. The most important area of the room is around the bed. 

The correct room preparation for a bed bug treatment is key to a successful treatment. If you cannot however do any of this and need assistance then contact me and we will try and help out anyway I can. 

If for some reason there are certain parts you cannot do then do not worry, it can be worked around or contact me if you have any concerns or require further advice and I will assist further.

1. Room Preparation is Beds:

If your bed has draws in the base, please ensure these are empty. Anything within those draws is highly likely to have bed bugs on it or possibly even bed bug eggs so be very careful. If you have any items of material in them, then wash it all at 60c or bag them and then wash it when you can. Either way, the draws must be empty for the treatment but do not just place items in another room. Bag, check, wash.
Bedding must be removed, again, bagged to be washed or straight in the washing machine at 60c
Leave the bed and mattress in place, I will move as I need to, you do not need to lift them for me.
Also, if you curtains overhang your bed they are likely to have bed bugs in them, at the gathering at the top. These need removing and washing too. Be careful, there may be eggs on them so in a bag before they leave the bedroom or these could fall of as they are carried.

2. Room Preparation is Furniture:

Please have all furniture in the rooms empty. I like to treat all wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside tables. Leave no stone unturned as bed bugs can easily infest furniture. If you do not feel you need to empty your furniture that is your decision but at least the bedside units should be empty.
Clothing, bagged and to be washed at 60c or the highest heat and dried without ruining it (if bed bugs are found in that furniture) Bagged clothing can stay in the room, I can work around the bags. 
If you have books in bedside tables we will speak about these, bed bugs love books, DVD cases and things of that sort that they can squeeze into. 
Furniture should be moved away from the wall six inches. If this is an issue for you speak to me, it wont be a problem I can do it.

3. Room Preparation is Floors:

Please hoover the floor of the room and ensure that it is free of personal items. Empty Hoover after used in infested room.

4. Room Preparation is Toys/Teddies:

Any toys and teddies or kids items cannot be in the vicinity of any bed bug control treatment or insecticide that is to be used. They must be bagged up. Do not move items from the infested room to other rooms without thorough inspection first. 
5. Room Preparation is Electrics

Ensure all plug sockets are switched off and all small electrical items are removed, laptops, games. NOTE - Tvs and dvd, pc's, console players can stay in the room on top of their units, just cover them over. 

6. Room Preparation is Pets:

No pets can be in the treated areas. Dogs and cats, aquatic species must all be removed.

Before your bed bug treatment is carried out you will be informed of what is to be done but this rough guide will help you prepare the rooms. You will be informed of what cleaning is required at the time of the initial contact and at the time of the treatment. 

For more information contact me directly or if you would like to know more about our bed bug control in London why not take a read through some of the other posts of visit our website. 


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