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Room Preparation

Room Preparation Welcome to the Bed Bugs London blog and assistance with room preparation before a treatment is carried out. This post will have all the information needed to prepare your bedroom for a bed bug treatment. If you are about to have a treatment carried out, then this post, Room Preparation is a guidance for you but if you feel it does not all apply to you then do what you feel is right for your property. The correct room preparation for a bed bug treatment is key to a successful treatment. Here I will take you through those stages. If for some reason there are certain parts you cannot do then do not worry, it can be worked around or contact me if you have any concerns or require further advice and I will assist further. 1. Room Preparation is Beds : If your bed has draws in the base, please ensure these are empty. Anything within those draws is highly likely to have bed bugs on it or possibly eggs. If you have any items of material in them then wash th

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