Dealing With Bed Bugs

Dealing With Bed Bugs

In this post on Bed Bugs London, we will talk about Dealing With Bed Bugs. I hope to get some feedback in the form of comments from people that have suffered with bed bugs in the UK or throughout the world. Having bed bugs in not a reflection on you or your home, they infest any type of property. 

Id like to hear about how you felt at finding you had bed bugs, at getting the information you needed, did you find it easy finding bed bug control in London, perhaps at experiences you had dealing with bed bug companies or from having a bed bug treatment or even some comments from other bed bug professionals giving advice to people who may be dealing with bed bugs. 

Having bed bugs can be extremely stressful for people. I have seen just how bad it can affect people. Much of this stems from the lack of public knowledge of bed bugs and peoples perceptions towards them. It can make people feel dirty, unhygienic or that it is a reflection on their home. None of those are the case.

There is also the lack of sleep, the worry and anxiety and also potentially trying to find the money to pay for bed bug treatments or even trying to find a company you feel are going to provide you with the service you need. Added to all that the stress of preparation, dealing with items that may be infested with bed bugs and it can quickly push people to the point when dealing with bed bugs feels like the worst situation they have ever experienced.

Dealing with bed bugs in your home.
What I really want to see is people given advice to others. Any tips that you can share with someone who is dealing with bed bugs, something you wish someone had told you, something maybe not to do, such as trying d.i.y treatments with fogging and aerosols? As I mentioned earlier the lack of public knowledge is a main factor in why bed bugs thrive, so, comment and share with others anything you think is worth knowing.  

Dealing with bed bugs need not be as stressful as you may think. With the right advice, the right bed bug treatment and the correct preparation of the infested areas then your home can soon be bed bug free again. The main thing I would advise is to do lots of research before you hire a company for bed bug removal, ask questions of them so you fully understand the process and the costs.

I have been providing bed bug control in London for many many years and over this time and having various discussions with clients the one thing that always struck me and is what people do not know about bed bugs. I have had people tell me they thought they were invisible, they fly, that they are due to cats and have also been told by people that once you have them you need to move house! Thankfully none of that is true but only goes to show the lack of knowledge about bed bugs and bed bug control.

Lets have your comments. Have you had bed bugs? How long until you were free of them? What advice can you give to others dealing with bed bugs?

If you have any bed bug pictures you can email them to me if you likes, maybe bed bug bites of bed bugs on walls or beds, always interesting to see different levels of infestations. 


  1. An army of bed bugs can attack a person 500 times in one night! Sleep tight.


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