What do bed bugs look like

What Do Bedbugs Look Like

Welcome to Bed Bugs London advice blog and this post about understanding what bed bugs look like.

Often people ask us, "can you see bedbugs?" "Are bedbugs to small to see?" "Why can't I find the bedbugs in my bed?"

Bed bugs are masters at hiding themselves away and also getting into places that people do not realise they can get into, like screw holes.

Bedbugs will mostly be found in cracks, crevices and folds. Between wood joins. Skirting boards. The top of curtains and any place they can squeeze themselves into so they are not exposed and out in the open.

What do bed bugs look like? 

Here are some pictures of some bed bugs and some bed bug eggs. As you can see adult bed bugs are fairly large. They are also very quick at moving over a surface.

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Bed Bugs and Eggs
What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bug on mattress for what do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs after they have had a blood meal are reddish brownish. Bed bug eggs are white in colour and very small. They are not always laid in a clump and can be spread far and wide. Bed bug excrement is black 

Hopefully this helps you understand what bed bugs look like a little better. If you need help in preparing your room for a bed bug treatment read room preparation 

If you are looking for them in your room then check the following areas:

  •  Wooden slats under mattress. 
  • Around joins of wood on bed frame. Screw holes
  • Lift bed frame and check underneath 
  • Tops of curtains if curtains overhang the bed. 
  • Back of the bedside unit.
  • Around plug sockets near bed.
  • Along the skirting board near bed.
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