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This latest post is just to show some pictures of bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Bed bug eggs are often missed to the untrained eye but they are the first thing I look for when carrying out a bed bug inspection in a property.

They are 1mm in size and an adult bed bug can lay over 300 eggs in the right conditions and they spread them in all manner of places too such as bed frame, curtains, furniture to name a few.

There are many more pictures of bed bugs and videos of them on our FB page - EPB Control 

Pictures Of Bed Bugs

Here is a video I did a few months ago of bed bugs on the underside of an electric reclining chair. The poor ladies legs were badly bitten but because of poor circulation in her legs and health she wasn't aware of how bad the bed bug infestation was.

In the following images you can see a near adult sized bed bug and an adult that was laying eggs in front of me! Wow.

The above bed bugs video you can see hundreds of bed bugs and eggs on the end of the wooden slats that run the width of a bed under the mattress. This is a common area to find bed bugs. Lift your mattress and look around the black clips on the end of the wooden slats for signs of excrement, which is black. This is a common location to find bed bugs

Dealing With Bed Bugs

If you are looking for pictures of bed bugs because you are worried you have them and then do find them then I advise that you contact a professional pest control company for bed bug control in London or wherever you may be. Whether that is us or someone else. Bed bugs are a pest that needs to be dealt with by experienced pest control technicians as the risk of spreading them is high. Take a read of our room preparation post if you are about to have a bed bug treatment and want to prepare correctly 

I hope this post of pictures of bed bugs helped you. Feel free to get in touch if we can help any further or visit our pest control site for further information and pictures on bed bugs and their eggs at 


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