Bed Bug Control London

Bed Bug Control London

Welcome to the Bed bugs London blog and this post, Bed bug control London and some more information on the excellent bed bug pest control services we provide across London to homes and hotels. Our bed bug treatments are effective and safe and we will guide you through room preparation too.

Hopefully this blog will be of use to you in learning about bed bugs, discreet bed bug treatments in London we offer and other useful posts like room preparation before a bedbug treatment.

Do you require bed bug control London, UK?  Then let me tell you a little more about what you can expect from us and our bed bug treatments in London.

Bed bug control London
Our London bed bug services, such as inspections or Bed bug control London always start with a discussion. We like to see if it is clear as to how you got bed bugs and speak to you about your property and preparation. 

Maybe you have been on holiday, travelling or maybe you have stayed in a hotel or even had people stay over at your home and now you have found bedbugs or have bed bug bites.

There are many ways you can end up with bed bugs into your home and if we can find the cause it is always helpful especially when looking for eggs. Perhaps you recently obtained a new item of furniture and that is the cause.

EPB Pest Control would inspect all items in an infested area for bed bug eggs as standard but any information we can get at the start is always useful to help us eradicate bed bugs quickly from the home. We often find that other family members may also have bed bugs as they have been spread so this is something that has to be dealt with to to prevent a re infestation.

If you need 24 hour bed bug control London the first thing you have more than likely noticed is that there are many companies offering this service. We like to think that we are supportive, informative and leave no stone unturned when carrying out bed bug removal in homes. We provide advice from start until completion.

Our bed bug treatments in London are available to all parts of London. They are also available to homes, hostels and hotels.

Before any London bed bug treatment can be carried out there will be a certain amount of preparation you are required to carry out. Things such as clothing, furniture and the condition that the room if required to be in for us to carry out an effective bed bug treatment.

The time required to complete the treatment will vary on the size of the property. It is not a process we rush however. I have heard stories from clients that had used other people beforehand that tell me the technician was done in 10-15 minutes. That I can assure you is not the case. It takes as long as it takes to treat all areas and items correctly. 

Noticed the first signs of bed bugs? Require bed bug control London? Contact Bed Bug Control today!

Bed Bug Control London

  • Treatment of beds and mattresses. 
  • Furniture, wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside units.
  • Floors, cracks, crevices.
  • Inspection of all areas, curtains, shelves, pictures, cupboards in rooms.
Bed bug control London
Discreet Bed bug control London

Once a bedbug treatment has been carried out you will then need to stay out of the property for a certain amount of time. Upon returning there will be cleaning to do which will be explained to you and written on your report. 

Bed bug infestations often feel worse than they are and can cause stress and anxiety. We see all levels of bed bug infestations and if you act as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs then it can be prevented from becoming a heavy infestation by allowing them time in your home to breed. I would also advise against trying d.i.y treatments such a bed bug bombs or aerosols as these can actually make the issue worse.

If you would like more information then feel free to contact me directly regarding bedbugs.


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