Bed Bug Inspections - How To.

Bed Bug Inspections - How To

You think you have bed bugs. You have noticed blood on your sheets, you are itchy, something has bitten you. It is bed bugs. In this latest post from Bed Bugs London we will discuss ways of finding bedbugs.

Why would you have bed bugs you think to yourself? Maybe you have recently returned from holiday or travelling. Maybe you have just moved into a new apartment, stayed with friends or in a hotel. There are a number of reasons you may have bed bugs, they could also have entered your home from something you have purchased recently as we covered in the last post - bed bugs, a worrying trend, or even in extreme cases they can enter one property from an adjoining property.

So, how do you find bedbugs? Not all bed bug cases are extreme where they are climbing the walls and I have seen first hand how trying to find them, along with sleep deprivation and stress can drive a person insane! Having an infestation of bed bugs is no fun and I am sympathetic to anyone that is suffering because of them as I have seen just how that lack of sleep and worry can impact people.

The Signs.

The first thing to look for is bed bug excrement and blood on the sheets. I am sure you are aware of what blood looks like so that is about as far as we can go with that part but you are looking for blood spots and smudges on your sheets or pillow cases. Excrement may be difficult to find at first, but once you find one you will start to notice more. In appearance it is a black dot, singular, or if you find the nesting area, large clumps of black dots. It is even possible to follow the bed bugs route via following excrement marks as it will be spread in the direction of travel. Check the rear of bed side units, the top of curtains if they overhang the bed, the edge of the wooden slats under your mattress.

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Where to Look? Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs really can get everywhere and I have seen them infest everything over the years. However they do like to stay in the vicinity of their food source if possible. They will however get into all sorts of places you may not think of. Below is a list of places to look or alternatively this is where a professional bed bug technician would be looking,
  • Bed frame, under mattress, in joins, under wooden slats, in bolt holes, behind headboard, in cracks. 
  • Mattress, around the lip on either side, under buttons on the flat side.
  • Bedside units, wardrobes, chest of draws, on the back, around joins and edges, inside the furniture, corners, hinges, under shelf's, on the base.
  • Under window ledge, loose wallpaper, behind skirting board, edge of flooring and carpet, wall/ceiling meeting point, gathering at the top of the curtains if they are close to the bed. plug sockets.
  • Items under bed, boxes, toys, bags and shoes, anything under the bed is likely to have bed bugs on.
  • Doors, coat hooks on doors, around door frames. A favourite of bed bugs.
  • Sofas, under arms, around the seam, under the base, inside the sofa, under the seats, in folds.
  • Behind pictures on walls, in/on book shelf's, in/on books, cds, dvd cases.
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If you have inspected your property and are still not sure then it is advisable to seek professional bed bug services to assist in finding the bed bugs as a minor infestation can quickly turn into a major infestation if left, A bed bug control treatment should always be carried out by experienced and knowledgeable bed bug technicians, such as myself.

If you are considering a D.I.Y bed bug treatment consider that this could potentially make the infestation worse and it could also hamper any future professional treatment you seek. Personally if someone tells me they have been using materials they purchased on-line such as smoke treatments or sprays I know the problem has spread.

It is also advisable to seek expert bed bug advice advice with regards to how to deal with furniture. Furniture does now always have to be disposed of but if you are insistent on removing bed bug infested furniture it should be done correctly so as to not infest other places. Again this is advice you can get from any good bed bug company.

See previous posts from Bed Bugs London for advice on how to prepare for a bed bug treatment, bed bugs eggs and much more, bed bug control London and local bed bug companies.


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