Bed Bug Removal London

Bed Bug Removal London

In this post by Bed Bugs London we will be talking about discreet bed bug removal in London and 24 hour bed bug treatments. I am going to cover what sort of service you can expect from EPB Control for bed bug removal London. This follows on from our previous post, Bed Bug Inspections - How To

A guide to helping people locate and identify bed bugs in the home if you think you have been bitten or have bedbugs which are in the early stages and hard to locate.

Now I am sure many of my regular visitors know that we provide more than just information and advice on bedbugs but for those that are new to the bed bugs London blog, yes, EPB Control also provide pest control and bed bug removal London, Essex and Kent and we do this 7 days a week to suit your needs.

If you do need a 24 hour bed bug treatment in London then please feel free to contact me for further information and to speak about treatments and costs to eradicate bed bugs from your home.

London Bed Bug Removal.

Bed Bug Removal London

So if you are looking for bed bug removal London, read on, if you are only here for the informative side of things you may find this is not what you want to read but there are plenty of other great posts on the bed bugs London blog that cover just about every question you may have about bed bugs and bed bug treatments as well as how to prepare for a bed bug treatment in the home.

Bed Bug Removal London - EPB Control

EPB Pest Control are requested to carry out dozens of bed bug removal treatments in London per week, even more so over the warmer months when it is pretty much all day everyday. As the reviews will show on our website we are not only effective at this, but friendly, affordable and informative. We take our reputation very seriously and because of this our level of service is second to none.

Our 24 hour bed bug removal London services will always start with an inspection. I like to see the level of infestation, the areas infested, if a previous pest controller has been in and made a mess of things, maybe used an incorrect product and made the problem worse, or perhaps you were mislead by an internet seller and tried a D.I.Y treatment like a bed bug smoke bomb, the wrongly marketed miracle cure (if you believe everything you read). 

My point is, first, I need to ensure that the property is inspected to not only enable effective and safe treatment but to ensure the correct advice is given to you to ensure you understand the preparation needs. 

This is a vital component of an effective bed bug removal treatment in London. Many landlords request we carry out property inspections after they have a change of tenants to ensure their property is free of pests such as bedbugs, Fleas and so on.

Preparation for bedbug treatment

Prepare for a bed bug removal treatment will include things like, removing bedding, bagging it to be washed at 60c, possibly removing clothing from wardrobes, chest of draws, moving furniture away from the walls, NOT moving items between rooms, ensuring the room to be treated is tidy, removal of pets/ aquatic species, unplugging of electrical appliances, possible removal of curtains as it is common for bed bugs to nest in the top gathering of curtains that overhang a bed and there are other requirements.


It is not necessary to remove and replace furniture in your home but there are exceptions like when the condition of a particular item of furniture is extremely poor and in need or replacement or where you just cannot bear to keep it. Whatever the reason, IF you are determined to remove furniture you have an obligation to dispose of it correctly. This would include it being sealed/wrapped and labelled. Not left on the street for someone to come along and take it and then the bed bugs infest someone else's home.

Affordable Bed bugs removal LondonBed bug treatment in London

 Bed Bug Removal London - Treatment

The process of the bed bug treatment in London shall not be given away in to much detail here but you can contact me for more information on that via my Google + page or here EPB Control but what I will say is that you will not be able to re enter the rooms for 3 hours after treatment and you will also be given details concerning what to do when you do return in the form of a report and advice sheet. I don't like to discuss the use of insecticides to freely in a public environment such as this as I can say, and I sure many other bed bug technicians will agree, I have seen some awful attempts at bed bug eradication by amateurs and I do not want to encourage that. 

EPB Control will treat all areas of an infested property such as beds, bed frames, furniture, cracks and crevices, sofas and other key areas. Treatment times depend on the property size. Insecticides used will be discussed prior to the treatment giving information on them. The correct insecticides is another key element of a bed bug removal treatment. Any experienced London bed bug technician will agree, some can actually drive away bed bugs from the area spreading the problem. This make eradication more difficult.

Alternative Treatments

I would also like to point out there are other types of bed bug removal treatments available. Obviously cost will vary between them all. Alternatives such as heat treatments, non toxic and natural methods are also available. One thing I will say is that you should always do your homework on who you are going to employ for any treatment, ask questions, seek out reviews and ensure you fully understand what they plan to do in your home, are there any side effects from the treatment process, are there guarantees, what sort of experience does a company have, do they specialise in bed bugs. I'm sure you get my point. 

Bed Bugs 

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Please do share the posts and blog and comment as I like to hear your feedback and thoughts on bed bugs. If you require bed bug removal London then give me a call and arrange a visit.


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