Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation 

This information on bedbugs and Bed Bug Treatment Preparation, is to assist in preparing your room for a bed bug treatment of which we are about to carry out in your home. Following this guidance and the other post, room preparation will ensure that your property is prepared well for the coming bed bug treatment. 

It is vital that the rooms are prepared to the best of your ability for the bed bugs treatment being carried out. If there are certain things you cannot do then that is fine but as much as possible that can be done will ensure a successful bed bug treatment in your home. Anything you need to know further just contact me.

Firstly, hoover all floors in the room around all sides of the beds too. Empty hoover after use in an outside bin.

Bedside units should be emptied, these will need to be treated. Any items inside should be checked as bedbugs are often found inside the draws.

All of the bedding must be removed from the bed and this will either need to go straight into the washing machine on 60c or a bag tied up waiting to be washed as soon as possible. NOTE: Do not carry bedding around the house. Put it in a bag first in case any bed bugs fall from it in other areas

Empty the chest of draws and wardrobes in the bed bug infected room. These will be treated too. Clothing to be bagged up. If signs of bed bugs in the furniture then all clothing will need to be washed. 

Secondly, no pets to be in the rooms to be treated please.

Unplug and switch off sockets to things like phone chargers, extension leads.

No personal items to be left laying about, laptops, games and phones please.

Bed bug treatment preparation help

This bed bug treatment preparation is a guide. There is also another post called room preparation on this blog that you will find useful with further detailed information on preparing for a bedbugs treatment

You have to consider things such as not moving infested items around your property. Not leaving bedding from the bedroom with bed bugs just sitting on the floor as if it has a bed bug on it the whole treatment could be a waste of time.

Anything that cannot be washed like clothing can should be placed into an empty bath or in the sun on the lawn and shaken off or wiped down and inspected.

If there is more information you require that is not listed here on the bed bug treatment preparation guide try the Room Preparation post or contact me by phone or email and i will assist further 

Thanks for reading and contact me for more help on bed bug control treatments. 


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