If you have bed bugs


If you have an infestation of bed bugs in your property it can be an extremely stressful and frustrating time for you and your family. 

It can also be expensive if you do not research and use the correct bed bug pest control company. 

Bed bugs can cause sleep deprivation and worry as well as stress which could lead to illness. 

The best piece of advice I can give to you is to seek out the advice and help from a professional pest control company who are experienced in dealing with bed bugs. 

Do this straight away and find an experienced pest controller like myself in London and the home counties or if you are from elsewhere do your research and find someone with good reviews. 

Self help DIY bed bug treatments rarely work and often make the infestation of bed bugs worse which then means they can be more difficult to eradicate as they have more than likely been spread further than the nitial room that the infestation started out in. 

Seek advice and help from those that understand bedbugs so that the issue can quickly be controlled and done so safely which is vital 

Id also say that being honest with the pest controller is vital. Many times we arrive at a property being told the bed bugs have only been there two or three weeks for it then to be clear that they have been there six months is very common or things moved from an infested room when we ask they are not to be. 

We are working with you to eradicate them so as many details as you can provide about how long they have been there and where the problem started will only help the bed bug control process. 

Some more tips if you have bed bugs in your home.

  • Wash all the bedding and curtains in the room with the bed bugs.
  • Wash all clothing. Particularly if stored in bed draws and units beside the bed.
  • Inspect all items under the bed. These are high risk for bed bug activity. Bedbugs love boxes and folds to get into.
  • Use air tight vacuum bags to store items in longterm.
  • Look for eggs. 1 mm in size, White. On bed frame, walls, curtains. Often spread far.
Do not's 
  • Spread items from infested room to other rooms. This spreads eggs and bugs.
  • Throw bed or furniture out without wrapping up or disposing of correctly.
  • Take bedding from infested bed and leave on the floor elsewhere. Always bag items ups.
If you have an infestation of bed bugs then depending on how bad the bed bug infestation is it may require more than one visit to fully remove bedbugs from the home. This again is why we say contact a professional pest controller straight away. 

If you have lived with bed bugs in your home for a year then a bed bug technician cannot always come in to your property and remove a high level infestation within one visit it may require several depending on how bad the infestation is.

if you have bed bugs call epb control

If you have bed bugs we can help

If you have bed bugs then we can help eradicate them from your property. Give us a call today or email and we can arrange for one of our London pest control technicians 

Bed bug control treatments in London vary from property to property depending on how long you have had the bed bugs. We also provide bed bug removal services to hotels and hostels. Whatever your property type we can help eradicate bed bugs for you. The first step is to discuss the details of how long you have had bedbugs, where you know they are in your home and a few other details.

Contact us at EPB Control today. 

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