Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Welcome to Bed Bugs London, an informative blog aimed at providing useful information on bed bugs, bed bug treatments in London and room preparation among other things.

This post, Bed Bug Spray Treatment is an insight into having bed bug control in your home by method of a spray treatment.

Done correctly a bed bug spray treatment can be the most effective method of bed bug control in London. There are alternative treatments, such as a bed bug heat treatment that is more common in America but this is more difficult in the UK due to how properties are set out as opposed to in America where properties tend to me more stand alone homes. There is also cost, the cost of a heat treatment is very expensive for a true heat treatment not a steam treatment that is often miss sold by some companies to those that do not know better.

An effective bed bug spray treatment will include treatment of beds, mattresses, furniture such as bedside units, wardrobes and the such like as well as sofas and floors and so on. With this method a good bed bug technician will request that all furniture be empty so that draws can be removed and sprayed as well as beds lifted and wardrobes pulled out and treated.

Bed bug spray Treatment of furniture

Do not confuse a bed bug spray treatment with bed bug spray you may buy from the internet. I never advise d.i.y bed bug treatments as they can actually make a bed bug infestation worse and plus the insecticide you are purchasing would be different from what a professional bed bug technician would use.  

After you have had a bed bug spray treatment there will be a period of time when you cannot re enter the treated rooms, typically for between 3-6 hours and then you will be advised of what cleaning is required.

Bed bugs can infest every area of a property, curtains, sofas, cracks and crevices, furniture, clothing, the back of pictures on a wall or books and personal items. The most important thing is to spend time preparing your property correctly. 

Our bed bug control London services are all guaranteed so should you require discreet bed bug control services in London you have peace of mind of total bed bug extermination.

Throughout this blog, Bed Bugs London, you will find posts on many useful things from bed bug control London, room preparation and frequently asked bed bug questions.

Thank you for reading. Should you wish for more information on our bed bug control London, inspections or other services contact me.


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