bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control

Bed bugs treatment & advice EPB Pest Control

bed bugs treatment advice EPB Pest ControlWelcome to our Bed Bugs London blog.

In this, EPB Pest Controls newest bedbugs post we are really just going to go over a few things that should be of use to if you have bedbugs or wish to just learn about them and to give you some information, facts or guidance, bed bugs treatment advice EPB Pest Control.

To quote Sun Tzu "To know your enemy, you must become your enemy" Okay, I don't expect you all to try and morph into a bedbug, but what I mean is by understanding bed bugs as much as you can will help you not only locate and eradicate the bedbugs from your home but go a long way to preventing you ever getting them again.

The first thing I always tell people when carrying out bed bugs eradication in London is, forget anything you have been told about what bed bugs do not do, or where bedbugs wont go or wont be found in your home. We at EPB Pest Control have found bed bugs just about everywhere they can be found in properties such as homes, hostels and hotels as well as found them in workplaces, vehicles and boats. Until you have had an expert in your property do not move things about the home from one room to another, Carrying out bed bug treatments in London daily throws up some interesting discoveries!

Bed bug eggs can also be found in the strangest of places, and to the untrained eye could be impossible to find! Firstly, know what you are looking for, people are often in a panic and mistake everything and anything for eggs. Below is a good photograph of some bed bug eggs I have taken,

Bed bugs treatments and advice EPB Pest Control - Eggs:
bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Controlbed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control

A female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her lifetime in the correct conditions. When laying these eggs they will not always be in one spot nicely laid out together. I have seen them along the top of a ceiling, in curtains, on the rear of pictures on the wall is always a common place to find bed bug eggs and around the bed, in books, dvds, on boxes under the bed, in furniture with clothes and dozens of more places. There really is no limit to where bed bugs can and will lay their eggs. 

As discussed in previous posts on the bed bugs London blog, the presence of eggs does not mean you have to replace all your furniture, sadly some people are misinformed by less than knowledgeable bed bug technicians who would rather the furniture be throw to make the treatment easier for them. Throwing away furniture and replacing it in an infested property will only lead to the new items being infested with bed bugs. Discuss with the London bed bug technician the process for dealing with eggs.

Bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control - Clothing - Wardrobes:

Yes bed bugs will be found inside wardrobes, bedside units, chest of draws and areas that clothing is stored. Yes they will hitch a ride inside your jacket or on your favorite dress and yes they will make a comfy home on that coat hook on the back of your door!

bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Controlbed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control

Clothing should be washed at 60c to kill bed bugs. If you find bed bugs inside furniture, wash all clothing. Do not take the risk with anything, do it right first time and save doing it a second time. Obviously, do not put clothing back into the furniture until the furniture has been treated professionally. I provide the most up to date bed bug control London treatments so can help if you would like a treatment for your home.

Bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control - Do's and Don'ts:

Do seek expert pest control and bed bug removal advice. 
Do ask questions, read reviews and fully understand the process of a bed bug treatment.
Do Not use smoke bombs. These are probably one of the worst things you could do.
Do Not move items from an infested room to other areas of your home before a professional bed bug technician has advised you or assisted you in its inspection. 
Do Not throw infested furniture in the street or garden. This will just pose a risk to others. Seek advice on the correct method of disposal if you insist on replacing furniture. 
Do check every item in the infested area regardless of if you think it will not be infested. Shelves, curtains, doors, edge of flooring, plug sockets, behind radiators, every possible area.
Do Not feel this is a reflection of hygiene or how clean your home is or isn't. This is not the case.
Do ask for help, find an informative and helpful local pest control company who specialize in bed bug removal, such as EPB Pest Control

Bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest ControlBed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control 

Please read some of the other posts if there is further information you require or feel free to contact me via my website or one of my social media platforms:

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