Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

Welcome to Bed Bugs London blog and this post, A worrying trend.

Speak to any London pest control or London bed bug technician and they will have a few stories to tell. Well, I have noticed a worrying trend over the course of the last year that seemed to get worse towards Christmas time. 

Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend, Internet auction sites! 

Yes, internet auction sites. I shall not name them and neither am I suggesting that it is in their power to ensure that items bought or sold are not infested with bed bugs but I have noticed an increasing trend of people purchasing items from these sites and getting more than they paid for!

Commonly this is from items that need to be collected such as Sofas, Arm Chairs, Beds and other furnishings. I even came across a case where by a lady was buying old pillow cases to then recycle into new, hand made cases. What she was doing with them was great, the only problem was she got a pretty bad infestation of bed bugs in her home from a batch that was sent to her.

Bed Bugs - A worrying trend. Infestations from internet auctions.
Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

So, if you yourself buy items from any of these sites, it is a good idea to know the signs of bedbugs, identify bed bugs, what eggs look like, excrement, and to thoroughly inspect any item before you leave the property with it. If they offer to deliver, inspect it before it enters your property. 

Remember, 1 female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life time, small and white, oval in size, they can be very difficult to find to the untrained eye. Check around folds, cracks and joins. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bed bug infestation due to something you have purchased do not presume that just because you then remove that item the issue is resolved. 

1. Bed bugs could have fell from the item whilst it was being moved through your home.
2. They could have moved onto other furniture, walls, floors and so on. 
3. They could have laid eggs no matter how short a time they were in your home.

It is always best to contact a professional, local bed bug technician and request an inspection. It is better to deal with these infestations early rather than waste time and money on D.I.Y treatments. 

You should also bear in mind that if all of the above applies to you and you have used your personal vehicle to collect any infested items, there is a risk that bed bugs may also now be in your vehicle. I would suggest a very thorough clean and hoover.


This has still been an issue this year. I think already we have done as many bed bug treatments this year as we did last year where people have brought from on line sites second hand items and have got bed bugs and needed a bed bug treatment to remove them.

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