Pre Treatment Advice

Pre Treatment Bed Bug Advice


Here we are going to go over a few things that are useful to know before you have a bed bug extermination treatment. EPB Control would always make a client/tenant aware of these things beforehand by phone or during an inspection but this will still be useful I am sure to some people.

Room Preparation:

Preparing your room correctly will not only make the pest technicians life easier but also increase the effectiveness of the treatment. However, do not rush into moving items from the room to another room of the property until you are absolutely certain that those items are free of eggs.

If you move items with eggs on them to other rooms that may not be infected they soon will be and you will require further treatments. If you are unsure on what eggs look like, see below. If you are still concerned then air on the side of caution and do not move it until the pest controller has inspected it for you.


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Note that eggs will not always be laid in clumps such as the first and second picture and on a white surface can be very difficult to locate to the untrained eye. Eggs could be laid anywhere, curtains, bed frame, back of pictures, back of bedside unit, wardrobes, walls, items under the bed.


When preparing for a bed bug treatment I would always insist that the wardrobe, chest of draws and bedside units be empty and all clothing placed into sealed bags to be washed at 60c. It is not uncommon to find heavily infested furniture in a property.

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Always pull furniture 6 inches from the wall before the technician arrives as any good knowledgeable bed bug technician will inspect and treat the rear of the furniture.

What Else?

  • Curtains should be checked by the pest control company you use, particularly if they over hang the bed. It is very common to find bed bugs in the top folds of the curtains. Remove and wash at high temperature. 
  • Hoover the floors before the treatment. Empty hoover bag/cannister to a bin out of the property.
  • Remove all bedding. Ensure under the bed is clear of items. 
  • Ensure there are no children's toys in areas that are being treated with insecticide.
  • Remove any aquatic pets from the room.
Bed bugs can and will infest everywhere. If you have a bed bug infestation deal with it by contacting a professional straight away. Do not leave an infestation to develop and for eggs to become present. I would also advise against wasting money on cures from the internet, most of all smoke bombs which only make an infestation worse.

Any questions please email me, I will be happy to reply and assist you.

Darren Groves
EPB Control


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