How to prepare for a treatment.

How to prepare for a treatment.

Having a bed bug extermination treatment can be daunting in itself. I see the effects it can have on people when people contact me for advice or treatments. When the pest controller tells you all the measures you need to take before the treatments can commence is nearly enough to push some people over the edge. 

However, it needn't be to much to worry about as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your pest control company. I should ad, if they have given you none and are booked in to do a treatment, you may want to cancel with them before you go any further!

What you really want to remember when preparing for a treatment is to make the areas that are to be treated as clear and accessible as possible for the technician but also being careful not to move and spread the problem to other rooms. Be as cautious as possible as it only takes a few eggs moved on an item to another part of the house to cause on going problems. 

How to prepare for a bed bug treatment.
Eggs are small and easy to miss.
EPB Control, myself that is, will always give the following instructions and if you follow these, you wont go far wrong. 

How to prepare for a treatment:

  • Empty bed side units, wardrobes, chest of draws, furniture in bedroom - All clothing into bags, tied and sealed, washed, bags thrown straight out of property. Books, paper work, items in bedside table checked for signs of bugs and eggs. Place in empty bath and shake and inspect.
  • Items under bed checked thoroughly as they are likely to have bugs and eggs on. Dispose of anything that you are willing to if heavily infested.
  • Bedding - Bagged and washed. 
  • Furniture - Pulled away from the wall six inches.
  • Personal items - Ensure floor is clear of anything valuable or that could be in the way.
  • If you have been on holiday, travelling, cases may have eggs in them.
  • If you hoover, empty the hoover straight away. 
If you have items under the bed that cannot be treated, such as expensive shoes, leather bags, Toys or such like, and there are signs of bugs under there and eggs, then you either need to spend a long time checking them over or simply place them into a tied sealed bag (must be sealed) and place them in your garden shed if you have one, or an outside storage area. 

Only do this if you can bear not to use these items for a long period of time, have somewhere suitable to store them that they will not be damaged by the weather and are adamant on keeping them. Always use common sense. Bed bugs will die eventually through lack of food, blood, and young bed bugs need many feeds to moult. If you decide to do this, I would recommend leaving items there for greater than 7 months.

Do not- Take items from one room to another that is not being treated without checking them over first. If you have a good pest controller then just ask him if he can assist you in checking some personal items you are worried about. I often arrive at a property earlier to help people do this. I can walk into a room that someone says there are no bed bugs and find them, eggs and excrement in a minute. This is because I do it daily and no the signs. It is always best to seek professional assistance from professional bed bugs services.  

I hope this information is of use, if you would like any more advice you can contact me through my website and I also have a you tube channel if you would like to see some more videos of bed bugs - Darren Groves Channel. 


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