Bed Bug Images

Bed Bug Images

One thing I am always being asked as a bed bug exterminator is what do bed bugs look like. So, I thought I would do a post with some pictures.

Bed bugs may not always be easy to find, it really depends on the level of an infestation. If you do think you have an infestation of bed bugs it is best to call in a professional pest control company to deal with the issue early. If you wish to learn more about treatments see bed bug treatments, what do to.

Bed bugs in bedroomBed Bug London, on bed.
Bed bugs on bed frame
Bed bugs nesting. 
Bed bug eggs.
bed bugs london

Also here are some bed bug videos that may assist you in identification. 

And another which clearly shows bed bug eggs on part of the support for the mattress. 

A female bed bug can spread her eggs far, over the bed frame, skirting boards, book shelves or the rear of pictures above a bed. If you have a major infestation of bed bugs and find eggs, it would be best to remove any items that are not essential to keep. Boxes under a bed, books and such like are more common areas to find eggs. 


  1. Great new blog Darren, I have added to my favourites. The videos make pretty grim viewing. I Look forward to the next post.


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