Bed Bug Eggs

Bed Bug Eggs

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Bed bug eggs are one of the most difficult things to deal with in fully removing an infestation of bed bugs. This is due to their size, the places a female bed bug will lay them and the amount she can lay.

The chances are that if someone is suffering an infestation of bed bugs then there are likely to be eggs present. The longer the problem is in place, the greater the risk of eggs. 

What do bed bug eggs look like? In the picture below you can see the eggs, white, small and oval.

bed bug eggs are small and sticky.
Several bed bug eggs clumped together.

One female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life time in the right conditions, sometimes more. She will lay on average 4 a day. These will be laid as she moves around in a variety of places or could be laid in one place, like the picture above, on the end of a bed slat. 

The bed bug eggs are easier to notice when clumped together like above, but if spread can be impossible to see to the untrained eye. They are also sticky like and be attached to almost anything. 

Items and areas that are most at risk of bed bugs eggs:
  • Any items under the bed.
  • Mattress and bed frame. 
  • Loose wallpaper.
  • Shelving above the bed, picture frames above the bed (rear of them).
  • Furniture close to the bed.
  • Edge of carper/flooring near bed. 
  • Cracks and crevices.
A good bed bug pest control company will discuss eggs and all possible outcomes of treatments with you. Eggs are one of the reasons that d.i.y bed bug treatments are rarely successful.

Bed bugs infestation of bedroom.
Nesting behind wallpaper.
If someone has an infestation of bed bugs care should be taken when removing (if you choose) furniture of items to be discarded from the property. Covering the stairs or walkways first and hoovering them after so that there are no eggs dropped through the property. Then the hoover should be emptied. 

I would advise that if you or someone you know if suffering from an infestation then the first step should be to seek professional advice. The last thing you would want to do is to spread them to family and friends which is easily done. 

For more in depth information on bed bugs visit my on site bed bug blog which has posts on symptoms, where to find bed bugs, bites, treatments or take a look at these bed bug videos for assistance in identification.

EDIT: I have added a video that clearly shows the bed bug eggs.

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