Bed Bug Treatments - What To Do

Bed Bug Treatments - What To Do

I am writing this post today to give you some advice and help on what to do as well as what not to do when having bed bug treatments and when preparing for a bed bug treatment in your home.

After attending a property today in London for a bed bug treatment, I was disappointed to see the condition of the rooms when the tenants were aware of what time I was attending and what I had asked to be done prior to my arrival.

Now, I usually give advice on bed bug symptoms or where to find bed bugs and just assumed that people were aware and I should point out that I clearly state what needs to be done before hand and of what state the rooms should be in for when I arrive to carry out the bed bug treatment.

Lately I have seen an increase in the amount of properties I have attended and they have not been ready to treat and this is frustrating for us professional exterminator's.

For example, today I attended a property in London to treat a few bedrooms with a heavy infestation. Upon arrival, tenants are still in bed, very annoying, the floor is being used as a wardrobe, draws in the bed are full as is the furniture. Frustrating to put it mildly. I have two choices at this point and so do they. Either I wait whilst they move fast to correct the situation, or leave wasting my time.

Okay so lets go through some things that you should do if you are going to have bed bug treatments and have been unlucky enough to decide to use a pest controller who has not given you clear advice on what to do before hand, I should point out if this is the case, don't hold much hope for the treatment being effective!

Firstly, bedding, sheets, pillow cases, blankets - bag it all up, tie the bag and wash asap.

Secondly, wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside table, book cases, all furniture in the room should be emptied, all items checked and bagged. All clothing washed at the hottest temperature possible without obviously ruining it.
Either wait until the pest control technician has done the treatment and ask what he found in the furniture or just wash everything straight away. Note - Throw bags straight out once clothing goes into machine.

Thirdly, Edges of the floor should be clear, curtains removed for washing, nothing under beds. Anything that is under the bed has about an 80% chance of having either bed bugs or bed bug eggs on it, so check and deal with accordingly before moving it.

Lastly, Your room should now be - mattress, bed frame, empty furniture, edge of floors are clear, no clothing or personal items laying around, electrical items switched off, no pets, fish, children present and floor should have been hoovered and hoover emptied. All clothing should be in SEALED bags.

Follow these steps and this will not only make the pest control technicians life easier but also the chances of a bed bug treatment being successful much higher. Take the time to prepare properly before hand and the task will seem less daunting. A good pest control technician will move and treat all furniture so be prepared for him by ensuring all furniture is ready for treatment.

Bed Bug Control

Remember after treatment, clean, clean, clean.

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